Top 3 Cloud Storage Services in 2016

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With so much information to store, it’s no wonder that cloud storage is a profitable business. We’ve got lots of photos and videos to store, and we have started to save them online. A 10,000 feet view of these services would favor the ones that provide a bigger storage space per dollar, isn’t it? Still, there are several other key features that need to be taken into account. Don’t worry, we will cover them all in this article.

  1. What are the supported operating systems? It’s a key factor, because it can prevent you from using the service. The good news is that the providers on our list support all the major OS.
  2. Are you interested in having the ability of syncing your files on several devices? What about sharing them? For some people, the ability to back up their files in the cloud is all they need. Consider these features before choosing one of the service providers.
  3. How secure is your connection with the cloud provider? All of them claim to have bank-grade security (or better!) but we all know that the banks were vulnerable for two years. Is your data critical? Then you may want to pick a service that offers 512 bits encryption, for example.
  4. Can they view your files?

Sure, it’s great to have a provider that offers 256 bits encryption or more, but if their employees have access to your critical / confidential files, your data may end up in the wrong hands.

Without further ado, here are the best cloud storage providers in 2016.

Dropbox. Were you surprised to see Dropbox being our favorite? Truth be told, we didn’t like the service that much until a few years ago, when they have lowered their prices, making them much more acceptable. These days, $10 per month will get you a whooping 1000 GB of storage space. Luckily, you can try the service and see how it performs by making use of their free 2 GB account.


Dropbox will sync your files automatically and makes sharing them with friends and family a breeze. More than that, it supports Windows, OS X and Linux, and can be accessed from mobile devices as well. If you need a good cloud storage service the doubles as a file sync service, Dropbox is the clear winner.

Google Drive provides a low-cost, and yet reliable cloud storage solution. Pricing is similar with Dropbox’s prices, but Linux is not supported. Google Drive has built-in file viewing and even editing for several types of files, so it may be the right choice for you as well.


CrashPlan has the best price among our favorites, costing a low $60 per year. Just install their application, and then forget about it. CrashPlan will work in the background, mirroring your backup folders in the cloud. And have I mentioned that the service offers unlimited backup storage?

All works well in theory, but problems can appear as you store more and more files. The application is developed using the Java programming language, and this may translate to syncing errors once your number of files exceeds one million or so.


Sure, you can edit an INI file and bypass the set memory limits, but the application will start using more and more of your computer memory, slowing it down. Nevertheless, most users, who store photos, videos, and so on, will never hit the 1,000,000 file limit, so getting unlimited storage for $60 per year is definitely an attractive proposal for them.

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